What are the differences among roasting and broiling?

Roasting, toasting, baking and broiling are cooking methods often used in an oven. Characteristics include the method of transferring heat to the food, the temperatures normally used, and the cookware normally used.

Roasting is the cooking of meats and vegetables using air heated by the oven and heat radiated from the inner surfaces of the oven. Ovens may use heating from above and below the food. Roasting temperatures may range from 120°F to 500°F (49°C to 260°C). Foods need only to be supported by cookware, which would also catch and contain drippings and rendering. A trivet or grill is often used to lift food slightly and allow air to circulate underneath.

Broiling is cooking using direct, high heat from the oven’s heat source, directly above the food. The oven’s maximum temperature is used to cook as rapidly as possible. Cookware will allow food to be placed very close to the heat source. The food may need to be turned over to cook both sides.