As … as

As … as

ما ساختار as + adjective/adverb + as را برای نشان دادن برابری و یکسان بودن دو چیز استفاده می کنیم.


The world’s biggest bull is as big as a small elephant.

بزرگترین گاو نر جهان به اندازه یک فیل کوچک است.

The weather this summer is as bad as last year. It hasn’t stopped raining for weeks.

هوای امسال تابستان به بدی پارسال است. هفته هاست که بارش باران قطع نشده است.

You have to unwrap it as carefully as you can. It’s quite fragile.

تو باید تا آنجایی که می توانی با دقت آن را باز کنی. خیلی شکننده است.

more examples:

It’s not as heavy as I thought it would be, actually.

Rory hasn’t grown as tall as Tommy yet.

She’s not singing as loudly as she can.

They didn’t play as well as they usually do.

آنها به خوبی همیشه شون بازی نکردند

Can you come as soon as possible?

می تونی تا جایی که ممکن زود بیای

Go to as many places as you can.

We got here as fast as we could.

Greg makes as much money as Mick but not as much as Neil.

They try to give them as much freedom as they can.

آنها سعی کردند تا جایی که ممکنه بهشون آزادی بدند

There weren’t as many people there as I expected.

he second race was not quite as easy as the first one. (The second race was easy but the first one was easier.)

These new shoes are not nearly as comfortable as my old ones. (My old shoes are a lot more comfortable than these new shoes.)