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Accept an honor

Letter #1:
Your letter informing me that I will receive the Community Service award has simply overwhelmed me. It is with deep gratitude that I accept the honor. As your letter indicated, Jane and I will be present at the Springfield ballroom on May 2, at 8:00 p.m. I will prepare a short biography for you to draw from for your introduction and mail it to you within the week. I would also like to come prepared with handouts encouraging other Springfield residents to get involved. Again, I am sincerely honored by this recognition and look forward to May 2.

Letter #2:
It was a sobering moment when I learned you were giving me the award for youth leadership. I have wanted very much to help the young people of our community, and this award suggests that perhaps I have succeeded in some measure. I sincerely hope that is the case. Although we feel a little self-conscious about the attention we are receiving, Jane and I will be delighted to join you at the annual banquet on Friday, June 30, and I will be happy to respond with a brief acceptance speech. I have enclosed the recent photograph that you requested. It is difficult for me to express how much you thoughtfulness means to me. Thank you, again.

Letter #3:
What a wonderful surprise this is. I am humbled to be named “Teacher of the Year.” My family is surprised. My in-laws are incredulous. We will all be at the awards banquet on May 21, to see if it is true. I have enclosed the photo and brief biography that you requested. Perhaps it needs editing. Thanks again for the honor.

Letter #4:
Mr. Doe and I are most honored to have our composition chosen as Best of Festival in Springfield’s Music Spring festival. We would be delighted to perform a recital at the awards picnic on Saturday at the city park gazebo stage.

Per your request, we have included brief biographical sketches of our lives and our work for the program. Composing has been so rewarding as an end in itself, that we never entertained the possibility of being publicly honored. What a thrill for us!