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متن درباره برای خرید مشتری متشکریم. از مشتری برای خرید محصول متشکریم. تشکر برای خدمات از مشتری.

thank a customer for purchasing a product or service

Letter #1:
We appreciate your recent purchase of a Doe electric dishwasher. You will find your dishes cleaner and your energy costs less by purchasing this new model.

Another advantage of owning a Doe dishwasher is our full two-year warranty on parts and labor. And with the purchase of your dishwasher, you qualify for our Christmas drawing for a Hawaiian vacation.

But dishwashers are not the only great deals we offer. Our appliance department carries a full line of washers, dryers, trash compactors, and kitchen supplies. Come and see us during our Thanksgiving Sale and see what we have for Christmas.

Letter #2:
We are pleased that you have chosen Doe’s for your furniture purchase. We hope you are enjoying the convenience, quality, and affordability of your new futon. Isn’t it nice to have a piece of furniture that is actually two pieces in one? Even in limited space, you can offer your out-of-town guests a comfortable place to sleep.

We remind you of the special offer with your new futon. The throw pillows that we ordered in beautiful colors to accent your futon have arrived. These pillows are yours as a gift from us. Drop in any time this month to pick them up.

And, were you aware that we also sell coffee tables? A new shipment in many beautiful colors and elegant styles has just arrived. Come see the selection. We would like to help you find the perfect table to match your futon.

Letter #3:
Doe Temporaries is pleased to welcome you as a new client. You will find that our temporaries are the best in the business and will provide you with reliable, efficient help at critical times. Not only do we boast the best clerical force in Springfield, but we also have a cadre of warehouse workers, accountants, and cleaning personnel to serve you. We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship. If you have any questions about our services, please call me personally at 555-5555.

Letter #4:
Thank you for ordering the featured selection this month.

This is an automatically generated message to confirm receipt of your order via the Internet. You do not need to reply to this e-mail, but you may wish to save it for your records.

Your order should arrive in four to six weeks. Thank you.

Letter #5:
Thank you for purchasing our Adventures in Mathematics software program. We are dedicated to making the most enriching learning experiences for children and hope you have as much fun using it as we did creating it!

Your comments are important to us because they help us provide the best service in the industry. So please take a moment to fill out the enclosed card in order to receive lifetime technical support and special prices and updates.

If you have any questions concerning our products, please call our customer service department at 555-5555. Again, thank you for your purchase.

Letter #6:
Thank you for choosing Doe Care as your health plan. Here is your personal membership card which identifies you as a Doe Care member. Always carry this card so that participating providers can determine what you are required to pay, how to bill the plan for you, and when to preauthorize major services for you.

Your preferred benefits will apply whenever you receive covered services from your Doe Care primary care physician. Standard benefits allow you the flexibility to use any provider without a referral at a lower level of coverage.

Should you have any questions about your Doe Care plan, feel free to call member services at 555-5555 in the Continental USA.

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