couch potato کدو تنبل

couch potato   کدو تنبل 


Definition:     One who sits in front of the television for long periods of time, with little or no physical activity.

یک نفر که مدام جلوی تلویزیون میشینه و هیچ کار دیگه ای نمی کنه




1) My roommate is such a couch potato — last weekend he watched

television for 14 hours straight!


2) My husband is a couch potato. He sits in front of the TV all day long.


3) You have a huge belly because you’re a couch potato.


تو یه شکم گنده داری برای اینکه همش مثل کدو تنبل جلوی تلویزیون نشستی


4) I should be more active and less of a couch potato.

Etymology: ریشه

A ‘potato’ is a vegetable that just sits there, doing nothing.


Synonyms:     sofa slug


A short dialog with couch potato 

A: “James. We’re going to play basketball. Do you want to play?”

B: “No, I’m going to watch TV today.”

A: “You did that all day yesterday. You better stop being a couch potato or you’re going to get a big fat belly.”

Other Common Sentences

“Good luck trying to get his attention. He’s glued to the television.”