Space Waste

Space Waste Space waste or space junk is all man-made objects in orbit about the Earth which no longer serve a useful purpose. It includes unused satellites and other man made fragments. These objects pose a threat to spacecrafts or they even may crash back to Earth. In the past, scientists wrongly predicted that they اطلاعت بیشتر دربارهSpace Waste[…]

Iranian Scientist Designs a Way to Count People via WiFi

Simple English News Lessons: Iranian scientist designs a way to count people via WiFi دانلود فایل صوتی Professor Yasamin Mostofi is an Iranian scientist who has discovered that people can be counted via WiFi signals. In This approach, two WiFi cards are placed opposite each other in a 7 by 10 meter area and as اطلاعت بیشتر دربارهIranian Scientist Designs a Way to Count People via WiFi[…]