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A bird of passage

A bird of passage

A person who dosed not stay long in one place; a transient or migratory person; a person who changes location; a ​person who ​stays for only a ​short ​period of ​time in one ​place, ​job, etc.a transient or migratory person.

آلاخون والاخون (بالاخون) دربدر، خانه به دوش، آواره، سرگردان، خوش نشین، کسی که یکجا بند نمی شود، مثل یهودی سرگردان، کسی که زیاد یکجا نمی ماند، پرنده (مرغ) مهاجر یا موسمی، رهگذر.

He was a bird of a passage until he married and bought a house.

آلاخون والاخون بود تا اینکه عروسی کرد و خانه ای خرید.

A bird of passage (3)

More examples:
At ​present the ​organization has to rely on ​young, ​inexperienced ​graduates who are usually ​birds of ​passage.

She moves out nearly every year; she’s a true bird of passage.

War and Wildlife “The war is having a great influence on the birds throughout Europe, especially on the birds of passage.
Scientific AmericanSep 10, 2015

The days were often almost insufferably warm, and the birds of passage that crowded the hotels were beginning to take flight to more Northern latitudes.
Hocking, Silas K. (Silas Kitto)

Certainly it was his intention to become a bird of passage.
Bradlaugh, Charles

Birds of passage include the buzzard, kite, quail, wild fowl of various kinds, golden thrush, wagtail, linnet, finch and nightingale.

For many years most of the early Daguerreotypists were birds of passage, frequently on the wing.
Werge, John

Most  the birds of passage of were gone; no swallows were to be seen, and the wild pigeons passed by in large flocks.
Maximilian, Alexander Philipp

These facts are particularly illustrated with us by the very large element known as “birds of passage.

The fattening of ortolans, birds of passage which arrive lean in the country, is said to be so in some parts of France.
Garnier, Germain

It is, like the Fieldfare, a bird of passage, reaching us from the north about the same time with the Woodcock, in October.
Johns, Rev. C. A.

The Common Starling is a bird of passage, arriving in England about the beginning of March and leaving some time in October.

Ducks, particularly teal, flew past us, and we observed, also, many other birds of passage on their flight.
Maximilian, Alexander Philipp

The tjäder, though not a bird of passage, is migratory, or rather wandering in domicile, and appears to undertake very purposeless and absurd journeys.
Marsh, George P.

The most interesting ones were the birds of passage: they had always something to tell.
Dostoyevsky, Fyodor

The length of time that birds of passage remain in Germany differs considerably with the different species.

It is a bird of passage, visiting its customary breeding places in the summer and wintering in southern Europe.

“We are birds of passage, and stop only as long as it pleases us.”
Crane, Laura Dent

As for the whites, they long remained mere birds of passage.
Stoddard, Lothrop

Guests began to come to the election, with the swallows and other birds of passage.
Sienkiewicz, Henryk

In every sense they are birds of passage: any ploughboy will tell you so.
Jefferies, Richard

This Spirit assumes as many shapes as Satan himself, and altogether appears to be a very curious bird of passage.
Holyoak, Austin

Are they more than “The sounds sent down at night By birds of passage in their flight”?
Holyoake, George Jacob

You can hear more Roof Light productions here and Birds of Passage are streaming six songs on their Facebook page.
The GuardianJul 19, 2011

The officials, on the other hand, were mere birds of passage, who took no real interest in the country.
Coleman, Ambrose

Certainly it was his intention to become a bird of passage.
Bradlaugh, Charles

You meet many English soldiers whose appearance is creditable to the country, and amongst the birds of passage are many Americans.
Ritchie, J. Ewing (James Ewing)

Badger, another bird of passage, became tax assessor.
Damer, Eyre

“No. I regret to say that I am not a native of these delightful environs,” said he, “I am a bird of passage.”
Watkins, Shirley

A bird of passage (2)

How could this mistress be expected to take any interest in or to consider herself responsible for the well-being of such birds of passage?
Hardy, Edward John

She asked the birds of passage if they had seen her prince, and sometimes they had news of him.
Brady, Loretta Ellen

But of late they seem to have earned the title, “birds of passage.”
Palmer, Mary E.

Bought an early Voisin which he named Bird of Passage.

He looked at her thoughtfully as he repeated this definition of himself, evidently wondering how she liked “birds of passage.”
Watkins, Shirley

We are such birds of passage, my dear madam, that we can really never plan for the future.
Sudermann, Hermann

The birds of passage wakened from their sleep and sang their sweetest songs.
Brady, Loretta Ellen

Ten minutes might have passed, when two withered leaves fluttered over her head and sank like tired birds of passage swimming on to the water.
Sudermann, Hermann

Since the last bird of passage left us we had nowhere seen a single living creature, right up to February 28th.
Nansen, Fridtjof

The air was filled with the call of the birds of passage.
Marshall, Edison

But half, at least, of these dull people, he renumbered, were birds of passage only; to-morrow or the next day they would take the train.
Blackwood, Algernon

Many are rough country people who are evidently in Zaragoza as birds of passage.
Wood, Charles W. (William)

I soon saw that I should only be a bird of passage here.
Sue, Eugène

I praised the arrangement as just and excellent, but said that, being a bird of passage, I would prefer not to make it.
Arnim, Elizabeth von

In the spring of 1916 the legations and embassies at Washington had their birds of passage.
Buck, Charles Neville

For she, too, might be a bird of passage, leaving to-morrow or the next day, leaving that very night, perhaps.
Blackwood, Algernon

I live in the hotel; a bird of passage never has a comfortable nest.
Heyse, Paul

“Are you a resident here—or a bird of passage like ourselves?”
Thurston, Katherine Cecil

The English come as birds of passage, and depart when they have made their fortunes.
Froude, James Anthony

Will you go with us and become a bird of passage?
Andersen, H. C. (Hans Christian)

It was a ‘Bird of Passage‘ that spoke, impatient for the moment when the new-comer should pay his entrance fee.
Lever, Charles James

He went towards the nets that he had spread in the hope of snaring some bird of passage during the snow storm.
Sue, Eugène

Pressed forward, or solicited onward by the warmth, the birds of passage commence their annual migration, keeping pace with the developing vegetation beneath.
Draper, John William

What a change in this transient attitude might be made by a policy of having land available and usable for such birds of passage.
Speek, Peter A. (Peter Alexander)

And then I too, like a bird of passage that has alighted for a moment in some sheltered garden-ground, must needs go on my way.
Benson, Arthur Christopher

Most of the birds of passage had already taken their way south; we had met small flocks of them at sea.
Nansen, Fridtjof

Will you go with us, and become a bird of passage?
Baltzell, W. J. (Winton James)

The ruddy square of comfortable light —— him, as the beacon blaze —— The bird of passage.
Fernald, James Champlin

The bird of passage known to us as the cuckoo.
Bartlett, John