ارسال نامه عذرخواهی شخصی Write a Personal Apology

Sample Letter #1

I feel I must apologize to you personally for misquoting your comment on the bond issue. I know how frustrating it can be to work hard for a cause and then have it misrepresented to those who will benefit most from it. The misunderstanding came when we transcribed your comments from a damaged tape recording of your talk Thursday evening.

As soon as we realized we had made a mistake, we printed an explanation and clarification of your position and gave each student a copy to take home. We are also printing a retraction in the local newspaper. I apologize for the misunderstanding and wish you success with the bond issue.

Sample Letter #2

My comments about your withdrawal from the project were inexcusable. I realize that I do not know all the issues.

Sometimes I am too quick to comment before having all the facts. Had I known about your accident, I surely would have held my tongue.

I promise to be more considerate in the future.

Sample Letter #3

I apologize for my most inappropriate behavior at your dinner party. I realize you were counting on a relaxing evening, and my lack of restraint must have taxed you greatly. Please understand that this is not my normal mode of behavior. I hope you will accept these flowers as a token of my apology, and consider joining me for a relaxing dinner party at my home in the near future.

Sample Letter #4

Please accept my sincere apology for the disagreement we had yesterday afternoon. I am truly sorry if I offended you. When I feel passionately about an issue, I sometimes express my ideas and feelings too strongly, and I’m afraid that’s what happened yesterday. Even though we have different opinions in this area, I want you to know that I respect your point of view and I enjoy discussing issues with you. I hope you will forgive me. I don’t want our friendship to be affected negatively by this disagreement.